Overview & guide

E-mail tools and configuration Kontact, Kmail, Kleopatra and thunderbird

, by Garatti Davide

This manual is intended to be a simple step by step guide for the configuration of all the necessary tools to manage our e-mail, contacts, calendars etc
OpenMandriva Lx provide as PIM the KDE program “Kontact”

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1- E-mail - Kmail (Kontact)

OpenMandriva Lx provides ’Kontact’ as PIM system ,
as a result at the end of the installation, deployment, we will find that KMail and Kontact is already available.

Both are located in the start menu (homerun) under ’Office’, just look for the icons:

KMail is the email management program, you can run either as a single application, but also integrated into the PIM (Personal Informations Management)

- Kontact: true PIM ’personal information manager’ that brings together all e-mail programs, calendar, address book etc. and outlining the activities and the day’s mail in a box called the summary table of contents.

- Kmail: email client real
- Kaddressbook: For the address book functionality
- Korganizer: Great Calendar
- Knotes: provides the comfortable post it
- Kakregator: news reader, feed through

Kontact also provides a convenient summary initial mask where will be presented the new or particularly important (new Mail, birthdays and anniversaries, tasks to be completed in maturity, as well as Weather and news.

Please note that, you need to enable semantic desktop system to use kontact and Kmail programs, if you forgot this step, a clear message will remember it to you.

You need only to enable Nepomuk Semantic Desktop, If you have a recent PC and you want to use a complete semantic desktop then you can enabled all the option.

1.1- Configuring Mailbox

The first step is to configure kmail to pick up our mail from the POP or IMAP server of our provider, and to allow us to send the email.

Information: from version 2.x KMAIL information and personal accounts are handled by Akonadi.

When you first start kmail, it will automatically open the setup assistant of your account, but this procedure can still be performed later.

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1 ) Complete the three fields and press Next.|

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2 ) Here you can choose between various server type, usually POP3 or IMAP, select the right one and press Next

3 ) Now you have to insert the real “user name” for your email account, and the incoming and outcoming servers name who your “provider” gave to you.
When you are sure to have completed all the fields press Next

4 ) At this point start a small wizzard, for the management of stored passwords.
you have to enable “kde wallet” , then you can choose which kind of encryption do you want to use, if you don’t have special requirement you can set classic and without any password.
Click on Finish buttom

6 ) Will complete the account creation. Press Finish.

You can rerun this procedure for all mail account in our possession.

Just go to the Tools menu:
and select the Account Wizard ...|

The same operations can be performed without any assistance

Select the ’Mail’ on the left bar.

from the menu

Settings choose ’Configure kmail’.

This will open the configuration window of the program

Click the Accounts icon

Here you will set the parameters for sending and receiving email

acquire the necessary data from your provider, usually it is sufficient :
1 . Username
2 . password
3 . pop or imap server
4 . smtp server

on the window , ’shipping’ click Add and complete the fields
Name (for example Fastweb )
Host ( smtp.fastwebnet.it )
Port (25 )

All options are disabled .

on the window , ’Receiving’ click Add
choose the type of mail server ( pop3 or imap )
and complete the fields

Name (for example Fastweb )
Login ( pinco.pallino @ fastwebnet.it )
Password *******
host ( eg. pop.fastwebnet.it )
port (110 )

Enable the following options:
Delete the message from the server after downloading
Remember password pop (if you want )
Enable interval mail checking (if you want )

No need to touch the ADVANCED tab

You can set different account to get mail from different addresses ( in case you have the need to have more than one )

Obviously the program has a large number of features, you can configure multiple accounts for receiving mail , making them point to the folders you create on purpose, apply filters to receive email ect .
It should be as usual try.

We are now able to receive and send our emails .

Note: To sign or encrypt e -mail see appropriate section

1.2- Manage multiple accounts

If you have multiple e-mail you can add other accounts both in delivery and reception.

You can also create multiple identities, each associated with a pair of account of exit and entry.For each Identity you have to enable and set the Outgoing Account, already added .Please note that, default sent-mail draft and template folder are those Local, so could be usefull to set them to the relative IMAP account.

1.3- Send an E-mail

If you have already used the e-mail system or any other program, you will have no difficulty using kmail.

In the top menu you’ll find some icons

The first icon allows us to create a new message, the third icon allows us to download mail from various accounts set

When you create a new mail a new window appears, here you will find other icons

When you will open a e-mail just received you will find the following icons

with these you can REPLY TO.. and FORWARD messages.
The arrow on the sides of the icons clearly show the presence of a menu, with which we can access other actions

The icons can be different depends on the THEME of icons used.

If you do not know what is an icon, and if they are not enabled, the lettering on the side, just move your mouse on the icon WITHOUT PRESSING any button and wait a few moments, you will see a brief but explanatory notes that will clarify the ideas.

1.4- Create filters on received email

To optimize the management of mail, you can create folders and subfolders to efficiently store and ordered the E-mail you receive.

Instead of moving to hand the messages from the folder ’Inbox’ at a high directory, define it in storage, it can be done automatically by the program by defining filters.

In practice clicking with the right button on the received message and selecting ’Create filter on message’ will open a form with which you can specify the program that all incoming messages to a specified e-mail, rather than by esempio@negozio.it for a particular domain, you move automatically in the specified folder.
After configuring the filter all emails that we receive and that will correspond to a set of rules will automatically fit into the selected folder.
What you get beyond the order is also an immediate view of received messages.

1.5- The other programs in Kontact

Kontact is a great program that contains everything that can make us comfortable to handle our personal information.
A kontact , and especially to the programs contained in it, it will be responsible to manage contacts , appointments , things to do, read news , and more.

If you have a flat internet connection available, you can set to receive weather information and news .
For the
address book, you use the program kaddressbook , in which we put all our contacts as a common address book , with the advantage of being able to quickly filter between different fields ( family, friends , work , etc. ) perform searches, view the numbers of contact phone , enter the e-mail addresses , birthdays, additional notes and why not ... a photo or logo of the contact.

Birthdays and anniversaries are automatically displayed in the form of summary kontact , while the e-mail will be immediately available on kmail .

Before you use it you will need to set up an address book and then from the menu

Files | New


Add Address Book

select from the various options Contacts and press OK
Select a directory to hold the files, unless you have special needs let that proposal, but if for example you wanted to share the address book between multiple users then you may set it to a different directory, perhaps on a different disk and accessible by all.
Click OK to complete.
This inserts a new section we’re going to then popular.
Pressing on the first icon to the right you can create a new contact:

You can fill in all the fields, the correct way is to use the buttons, then to enter the name, press the ’...’ actually opening the following input mask.

Just enter name and press OK.
Or the tab “Position”, press ’New’ to enter the address:

Fill in the fields you want and press OK
Note that you can enter multiple addresses by selecting the type from the drop-down menu at the top (Home Work etc.)

In addition to this information and can insert the other, muovedosi in the various tabs, following the same procedure, then e-mails and several phone numbers.
Note the key ’Categories’ in the Contact tab through which opens the following window:

Populate it seems like there trying to divide the various groups.

Select the Heads of membership of the callsign or create a new one depending on your needs. These fields are useful to filter the names in the categories. Just for example, you could create a category ’Restaurants & Pizzerias’ to select only the contacts of this type, in order to simplify the search. Obviously very useful in the presence of so many contacts with different types (personal, work, and leisure).

The data entry form has several tabs all dedicated to the inclusion of certain information, particularly beautiful the ability to assign a photo or logo to the contacts, the image will be repeated on both the mask summary of kaddressbook both in case of receiving an e-mail directly in kmail.

It will of course also possible to add other categories of gender, for example, Google, Facebook etc.

1.6- Google address book

Menu File | New | Add to address book ...

select Google Contacts, and press OK.

click on Add buttom

Enter your account details and access.|

Accept the management of all the service listed, if you want information about them move mouse on the i

You now have an account, select it and press OK

Remember to enable it .....

At this point, in addition to having contacts, we may add, and also enable the google calendar and its activities, so we need to move in the calendar section

JPEG - 20.4 kb

then with the right click of mouse in the box of your calendars, you will be able to add a new calendar, selecting “Google Calendar and Task”

2- Cryptography and digitally signed e-mail

NOTE: Encrypt or sign your messages is not necessary in most cases, but in case you have such a need, for example sending sensitive material, documents, photos, etc., or to certify that the person who sent the email is actually the person who you know, or just out of curiosity, as you will see the procedure, although tricky is feasible for everyone.

Obviously, whoever receives the encrypted message must have already configured the PC with all the necessary programs.

At the following link you will find all the information you need to configure GnuPG on windows on different mailers.






2.1- Programs needed to be installed

  • Kmail (normally it is already installed)
  • kleopatra (verify the presence and in case it is not, install it)

Check and set it as the default program for PGP-keys
(from ’configure your desktop’ | Advanced | File Association search for ’pgp-key’ and bring kleopatra first)

  • gnupg (normally it is already installed)
  • gnupg2 (verify the presence and in case it is not, install it)

2.2- Creating and managing signatures

From kmail under the TOOLS menu, select the item
CERTIFIED MANAGER,it will open kleopatra and a small icon will appear in the system tray.

From the FILE menu of Kleopatra select
NEW CERTIFICATE (or CTRL + N) which will open the following assistent:

This will start a wizard that will guide us in the creation of our keys.

Choose the first option
Create a personal OpenPGP key pair

Enter your data in the appropriate fields Name and

the e-mail address, these two fields are absolutely necessary.

Check all right not to have committed typos.

then press


Here we move on technical details and let’s force some values ​​to override the default

set them as shown, or change them follow your preference.

The default values ​​are still good.

click OK and you will return to the previous screen where you will press the NEXT key

JPEG - 10.5 kb
JPEG - 8.5 kb

Although the mask tell us that the key has already been created, in reality the process takes a long time, therefore, follow the clear directions:

Write letters quickly in case

or move the window on the screen or open programs, then use the computer and let the key pair is created.

The operation will end when this window appears.

REMEMBER TO MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR KEYS pressing the first button.

As a result you do them safely, so you can restore them in the next few installations, Linux or otherwise.

2.3- Affix the signature on their email

Before you can sign our email we will associate the keys to our account you just created.

So from kmail SETTINGS menu select CONFIGURE KMAIL, the window that appears select our account and press the EDIT button.

We move on the “Cryptography” section

and using the keys CHANGE go to select the certificate you just created to the first two items, OpenPGP.

Press OK and go back to kmail

At this point we simply compose the email in the usual way, but when we want to put our signature to the mail also will press on the icon on the toolbar SIGNATURE present. You will see that you will see a green strip with a clear indication:

JPEG - 3.8 kb

Suppose you need to import your keys from a backup file, previously performed, be sure that the backup file can be used directly in the field KEY SIGNATURE, but will be marked as PRIVATE KEY ENCRYPTION on kleopatra before being set as the KEY ENCRYPTION on your Account KMAIL.

When you choose to encrypt an email you will get a summary screen that will inform you about the keys that will be used for the process of encryption.
The email will be marked with

JPEG - 4.8 kb

2.4- Import other keys

The public key must be contained in an email as file extensions depend on who sends the file and the program used, or delivered directly from another source (USB stick etc.).
You click on the file and open it with Kleopatra directly from kmail rather than dolphin.
The key is placed in the window of kleopatra CERTIFICATES IMPORTED

You can find the public keys on the server as long as the person has the exported. Obviously should be controlled precisely with the person that created it, before making them valid.

2.5- Validating signatures and other keys

Just click with the right mouse button on the item and select CERTIFIED CERTIFIED.
Place a check mark on the user to be certified and press the Toggle Next
Leave checked the only option CERTIFY ONLY FOR MYSELF and press CERTIFIED.

NOTE: If you want to use a public certificate server, you must first set in the Configure - Kleopatra, accessible from the SETTINGS menu.
We select from the menu on the left icon and press the button SERVICES DIRECTORY NEW leave the string that appears without changing anything.
The public server and used ’:

You can search for certificates on the server, directly from Kleopatra.

2.6- Revoking of our certificates on key’s server

To revoke their certificates published to the server, we need a procedure a bit ’twisted.
First you need to change the date of expiry of the certificate from KLEOPATRA, just select the line, and with the right mouse button to select ’change date’.
From here you set a date in the past, and you re-export the certificate on the server.

Note: as also specifies the program, during upload to the server certificate, removal, and ’a very complex process, and often ineffective. So be careful before you load your certificate that everything is correct.

2.7- Use kleopatra to encrypt files

From Kleopatra into menù File select “Sig/Encrypt Files..” and you will have access to a wizard that will guide us in the process of encrypting a file.

From kleopatra press ’Signature / Encrypt File’ select the file, and we access this window
Here we can choose to encrypt the file in a tar archive, or just sign.
When you have chosen, press the ’Next’ button.
Select two certificates: one will be the person that will receive the files, the other for the right to sign the object.

Select your certificate (in case you do have more than one)

The operation was carried out, we will find in the same directory containing the file you want to encrypt a file similar in name but with the extension. Tar.pgp.

Also from kleopatra, using the appropriate key Decrypts you can get the original file.

3- E-mail with Thunderbird

If you come from a different world from Linux, you could probably have already used Thunderbird as manager of e-mail. The program must be installed from the repositories, then you can find it in the menu ....

When you first start you are greeted by a wizzard to create a new email account, but we have already, then will press the button on the left:
’Skip this and use my existing email’

Start another server setup where we will set up our data and those of the account.

Continuous pressing the tool will attempt to retrieve the server settings of input and output.

They are generally set perfectly those of the major providers, however, can also be set by hand, or by pressing the button waiting for manual configuration.

In place of course you’ll have to put your USERNAME.

Set the server (IMAP or POP3) and SMTP

then press the button re-test

The fields will be set to auto detect automatically.

Everything should be in the right place.

However, you can edit the data directly from

Selecting the first time your account

may require to validate the certificate of provider.

Note: To have the program in their own language and enabled thunderbird to manage openPGP digital signature, simply need to install the package


where XX is your Language code (for us IT)

The next time you restart the program will be in Italian, also start the server setup of openPGP, the wizard will guide you perfectly at all stages and we will not have to do much more than read and validate the preset choices.

This is the only point where we have to choose whether to optimize the settings of Thunderbird program, to avoid problems of signature or encryption, in fact I have never encountered problems, even without these measures

These are the changes that the program recommends setting, choose to accept them or not does not involve major limitations.

Pressing Next will be able to create new keys or as in my case will be detected and those proposals already in the system.

All that remains is to complete the wizard to the end.