OpenMandriva Lx - Basic Configuration

, by Garatti Davide

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After installation at the first login you will found the OM-Welcome, a program that will be, the main presentation of our distribution to the new users, but we will use it to perform many post configuration proces in an easy and fast way.

At every boot, until we will decide to disable it, we will be greeted by “OM-Welcome

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In the first screen will present the distribution, our community and the values ​​on which it is based

Using the button”next" we follow the various forms of the program, each of which will have some different goals.

All masks are conveniently accessible by direct connections in high places, in the blue bar.

Here, near at the Next button , there is the possibility to avoid to start OMA-welcome, with the system boot.

Click on Next for start the trip....

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In the second form will be shown better all the technical characteristics of OpenMandriva Lx

We will be able to read the new features and also the peculiarity of OpenMandriva,

Click on Next

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This is the first mask where we will be able to configure and change our system, very useful especially for the new OpenMandriva Lx users, who will have at your fingertips everything you need to:

  1. Configure the Network
  2. Update the system
  3. Configure a printer
  4. Configure proprietary driver for video
  5. Configure Desktop Themes and Icons
  6. And a direct access to our main Configuration tool

We continue the journey again with next

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From this form we will be able to install various application for different group.

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by pressing the button next last time, we get to the links page to the world OMA, from where you can reach all parts of the vast world OMA ... and maybe contribute in the best way possible.

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